Mumbai gets its cluster redevelopment policy cleared by Maharashtra cabinet

By Accommodation Times News Services

dilapidated building 5State government of Maharashtra cleared cluster development policy for the island city of Mumbai, in its Cabinet decision on Tuesday. The policy has kept the floor space index unchanged, owing to pending court cases.

As per the new policy, dilapidated buildings, cess buildings and buildings of the state government and the Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority that are more than 40 year old will be entitled for redevelopment. There are about 19,000 such buildings in the island city.

Also the policy states that, the approval of 70 per cent of the owners will be required for redevelopment; the approval of the rest can be secured within a year. However, for dilapidated buildings and those declared risky to reside, such approvals will not be required. In such cases, the government will acquire the land and incorporate those buildings under the cluster development policy. In the island city of Mumbai, 1,000-1,500 land parcels have been identified for cluster development.

The state also approved the incentives for island city where cluster policy for redevelopment of old tenanted properties over an acre area, which has been in force since 2009. The 2009 policy has been modified to allow tenants who own large houses to get an equivalent portion for free. The same would be true in case of owning huge commercial properties and opting to go for residential properties post-redevelopment. In such cases, developers get to consume a proportionate amount of FSI on this additional area.

The provided incentives in the amended rules would effectively transform several existing low-rise settlements in the island city into high-density zones with skyscrapers as high as 60 to 80 storey.

The cabinet decision is seen as a bid by the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party government to regain lost ground ahead of the Assembly elections in the state, scheduled for October. During the Lok Sabha elections this year, the Congress-Nationalist Congress Party alliance had lost all the six seats in Greater Mumbai.

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