Mumbai gets new TDR policy : Ratio to width of Road

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Mumbai, November 16, 2016 : Government of Maharashtra have notified new Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) policy for Mumbai wide circular TPS-1813/3067/CR-122/MCORP/12/UD-13 dated 16/11/2016.


The high lights of the policy, simplified for our readers, are:


– Cases eligible for TDR :

(i) Reservations for public Purposes, new roads, road widening etc.

(ii) Land under any deemed reservations.

(iii) Land under any new road or road widening

(iv) Development or construction of the amenity on the reserved land.

(v) Heritage Structures.

(vi) Slum Housing

(vii) As may be notified by the government.


– Cases not eligible for TDR

(i) For land acquisition where compensation already paid.

(ii) Award of Land.

(iii) Layout already sanctioned with DP roads.

(iv) TDR not permission for width of the road.

(v) FSi relaxation already granted to owner

(vi) Where lawful possession including by mutual agreement or contract has been taken.

(vii) Required compulsory open spaces

(viii) Any zone which is not subjected to acquisition


– Generation of TDR :

(i) For surrender of land which is free from all incumbrances

– 2.5 times of land surrendered in Mumbai City

– 2 times of land surrendered in suburbs and extended suburbs

– Additional TDR of 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% to owner surrendering with in 1, 2,3 and 5 years of this notifications

(ii) DRC will be issued only after surrendering land with leveling and 1.5 meter boundary wall.

(iii) Lease plot subjected to lease agreement and rent.

(iv) Amenity TDR = Cost of construction / Cost of Land as per Ready Reckoner multiplied by 1.25


– Utilization of TDR:

(i) Holder of DRC should submit utilisation documents

(ii) Commissioner should write on DRC proposed utilisation of DRC

(iii) There is no restriction as to north bound etc for receiving. A TDR generated from north or suburbs can be utilised in South Mumbai.

(iv) TDR calculation formula : X= (Rg/Rr) x Y

X= Permissible Utilisation of TDR / DR in Sqm on receiving plot

Rg= Rate of land in Rs per sq mtr as per ASR

Rr= Rate of land in Rs per sq , as per ASR

Y= TDR debited from DRC in sq m


(v) Utilisation as per Road width :

Plot Fronting Road Width Maximum Permissible TDR
TDR in ISLAND TDR in Suburbs
Less than 9 m Nil Nil
9 m to 12.2 m 0.17 0.5
12.2 m to 18.3 m 0.37 0.7
18.3 m to 30 m 0.57 0.9
30 m & above 0.67 1

BMC will convert all roads above 9 m as per site condition.

(vi) FSI loading limit shall be the basic FSI+TDR+Additional FSI on payment of premium if any + Road Widening FSI of the very said plot.

(vii) The utilisation of TDR should be minimum 20% slum TDR.

(viii) If plot is touching dead end within 50 mtrs from main road then it will be deemed to be touching main road.

(ix) The maximum restriction is not applicable to SRA, MHADA, Redevelopment, etc.


– Areas where no TDR can be used:

(i) Between the tracks of Western Railway and S V Road,

(ii) Between Western Railways to Western Highway,

(iii) Betwwen Central Railway Main line to L B S Marg.

(iv) On plots falling within 50 m on roads on which no new shops are permitted as specified .

(v) CRZ and No Development Zones, Tourism Development Zones, MHADA, MMRDA and MIDC jurisdiction.

(vi) SRA schemes

(vii) Areas where permissible FSI is less than 1.00

(viii) Restricted areas under CRZ, Defense, etc.


– Infrastructure Improvement Charges:

The utiliser shall pay to the Planning Authority, an infrastructure improvement charges, for a proposed quantum of TDR to be utilised, at the rate of 5% of construction cost.

– Effect of this Regulation:

Generation of TDR from these regulations shall not be applicable where DRC has been prior to publication of these regulations. Within one year, old DRC of TDR shall be allowed to be utilised as per TDR zones of old regulations without indexation.



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