Mumbai Municipal Corporation Permits Bars Cafes Roof-top-restaurants

rooftoprestaurentBy Accommodation Times Bureau

The new policy from  Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)  has only approved to construct wash basin or platform to serve eatables  on roof-tops.  The BMC chief Ajoy Mehta approved the open air terrace restaurant policy clearing decks for permitting restaurants, bars and cafes on rooftops of buildings.
Earlier there was no policy regarding to this , so the restaurant owners used take one-day party permits from excise department. But after the investigation, the department found the corruption in this procedure and ended this.  The earlier policy had allowed toilets on the roof-top, but the current policy doesn’t allow any construction on roof-top apart from  wash basins and a platform to serve eatables.  Roof-top restaurant should have a distance of at least ten meters from the neighbouring building according to Mehta. Vijay Chhabria of Sea Palace said,  “I have been waiting for this moment for last several years. I am happy that this policy is passed. I can’t find a happier moment than this.” “The policy says that one can’t be allowed to cover in the monsoon, then where will people sit in monsoon?“ A senior excise officer said that they will have to examine the circular before issuing permits. The draft circular which was approved on Wednesday said that the main attraction of the city is the ocean front. Opening restaurants of promenade is not possible, but rooftop restaurants can be considered to provide quality service to locals and tourists. According to BMC the permission is only given to rooftop restaurants in commercial malls or residential hotel buildings. But the policy says that shelter areas can’t be converted into hotels  such building must have occupation certificate issued by BMC.

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