Mumbai-Nagpur Highway: Fadnavis’s Prized Project Yearning For Land

expresswayBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Kiran Kurundkar, Joint Managing Director, MSRDC, said on October 3 that the
corporation had acquired 603.54 hectares of private land from farmers. He said the
government had given Rs 407 crore for it.
He expressed confidence that the MSRDC would acquire 75% of the required
private land by December-end. "There are 33 companies, both Indian and foreign,
that have shown interest in the RFQ (request for qualification) process, and the
request for proposal (RFP) process is also on," he said.
For the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s prized project Mumbai-Nagpur super
communication highway project farmer resistance is not seeming to die down. So
far only 7% of the private land required has been acquired for the project.
Data provided by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC)
is revealing that out of the 8,531.50 hectares of private land required for the project
only 603.54 hectares has been acquired. The government is claiming that 50% of
land acquisition for the project is done.

For the project, a total of 9,364.73 hectares of land is to be acquired. Of this,
833.23 hectares is government land, which includes forest land.
Minister Eknath Shinde said there were 5,644 farmers who had accepted the
proposal of parting with 2,750 hectares for the project, and the process of buying it
was already on.

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