Mumbai sitting on a bomb

The city of today’s world, a mega city of hopes and fortune, a trend setter in textile and fashion, an IT epi-center, a city of galore and celluloid, now is literally sitting on a BOMB. Ready to explode and disintegrate this beautiful city into oblivion. Yes Mumbai today is ready for an explosion. The boom that will be caused , will not be of progress but on the contrary of disaster, a catastrophic disaster.

A survey of this city will show all the chinks in its armour. Mumbai looks to be fortified in all respects, but on a closer look it is not as strong as it seem. In the zeal to develop in all spheres, little thought has been given to sustenance. The infrastructure is collapsing under added and unnecessary weight.

Water which is vital for this city to keep it going is hard to come. The watermains are inadequate to supply a full quota to the city. Reason, wastage, theft. Wastage due to mismanagement of the BMC and theft due to illegal construction and encroachers.
Electricity is intermittent, in the near future load shedding will be the order of the day. More than half of the shanties on the footpaths of Mumbai are illuminated. How how is that ? Surely they must have acquired electrical connection from somewhere the authorities are not blind not to notice this. But still no steps are taken to curtail this illegal activity. The sufferer in this is the tax payer.
Vehicular traffic in Mumbai has risen 10 folds in the past few years. But the roads are the same, on the contrary they are in such a dilapidated condition that, let alone drive one can’t walk on them. The general public is forced to walk on the roads because there are no footpaths left for the them to walk on. The coming generation would refer a dictionary to find out what a footpath means. Heavy congestion of traffic also generates enough pollution to slow poison the citizens.
This city is wide open to political philanders and greedy entrepreneurs. Corruption is rampant. Administrative functioning is lackadaisical. Little or no thought is given to infrastructure. For example take the Andheri Flyover. Governmental vendetta against the previous Govt. and nothing else is the reason for the incompletion of this bridge. The bright Andheri will be an “ANDHERA” in a few years time. Accommodation Times in the 15th to 31st issue had categorically brought to light the TDR menace. This demon will only contribute to the downfall of Mumbai. Legalising CRZ, clearance of ULC, mill land sale, all this is helping avail more land for more houses, but what about infrastructure. Where are drains, water lines, extra watts of electricity ? In a pure greed to line their pockets, the authorities are raping the city to their advantage. Corruption is the order of the day and common citizen is on the menu. Stop this carnage, stop this rape, stop this looting, stop to think for what is yours today, will not be anymore nor will you be ……..

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