Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway will boost western belt realty: Vasai and Dhanu to benefit most

expresswayBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have notified on 30th Jan 2017 that it will build 100 kms expressway between Mumbai and Vadodara in Gujarat. The four lane Expressway will strech from 31 kms in Gujarat and 69 kms in Maharashtra till Palghar. The authority is acquiring land in various villages and tehshil to construct Expressway.

This Expressway will increase the realty activities as almost 95% of manufacturing units from Mumbai have been shifted to Vasai till Palghar and Ankaleshwar. A big industrial corridor already in offing and operating. MMRDA had alreay designed fright corridor between Vasai and Navha Seva Port.

Land to be acquired for expressway includes Vaiti, Navghar, Ghateem, Penand, Sonave, Pargaon, Girale, Nagave towards Manor, Navaze, Sakhare, Dahisar towards Manor, Khamloli, Dhuktan, Govade, Masvan, Vandivali, Vakadi, Vasroli, Katale, Lovare, Nihe, Nagzari, Lalonde, Kirat, Borsheti, Ravte and Chinchare.


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