Mumbai:Chopping 2800 trees, environmentalists doubt re-plantation

oiuyy By Accommodation Times Bureau

MMRCL has a motive of chopping 2800 trees, which is the biggest tree cutting practice of recent times. Metro Rail work is in full swing, chopping of trees is marching on priority

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) is claiming that a huge number of trees will be transplanted and new plantation work will start soon , green environmentalists are doubting the promise ,highly.

Activists are quoting  the examples of old infrastructure project wherein MMRDA, which had  promised to transplant trees simply left tree trunks dug in soil to die, in the name of transplantation. Even the compensatory plantations completed at Aarey and Bandra Kurla Complex by MMRDA and MMRCL is not found precise to them having good  knowledge about trees.

Witnesses are claiming that transport projects are essential but issue is that project agencies treat the trees merely as a obstruction needed to get rid of. They forget the long spans of time when these trees have serviced to purify the environment , that’s why citizens of Mumbai have doubts on the agencies, they say. “ BMC should at least take care of the greenery of the polluted city, before granting such permissions.” An activist said.

To form  a committee with citizens, botanists, and environment experts along with BMC tree authority, to examine  every tree transplantation, monitor the survival rate, and impose heavy punishments on the  agency included, can pose a solution  to this mess-up. Proper methods of transplantation are essential in order to fulfill the goal .

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