Nagpur Metro is planning to build commercial complex on two junctions to attract revenue

By Accommodation Times News Services

MetroNagpur Metro Rail Corporation to tap commercial development in the city, with the development of Metro Rail, they have decided to build commercial complexes at the two main junctions of North-South and East-West corridor. The complexes will be multi storey of around 25 floors.

Mr. Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Nagpur Rail Corporation, said, “We intend to opt for some commercial opportunities with building multi storey at junctions of 25 storey complex, in the heart of the city. The complex will have food court, shopping plaza, banks, commercial spaces, etc, which will attract capital and make Metro financially viable.”

Further Dixit added that, “We want to build these junctions for commercial space for corporate and industries and not just platforms.”

On top of the multi-storey station complex will be a glass viewing gallery which will show case the panoramic view of city from the height, he said.

Similarly, the east-west corridor passes close to Ambajhari lake and therefore the authorities have planned to build about one-kilometre long gallery which will enable visitors and commuters to enjoy the scenic beauty of the vast lake.

On progress of the project, Dixit said the work on the car-shed (depot) at Mihan end (last point on north-south) has already commenced in May and tenders for first nine stations on the route have been floated.

Similarly, the process of land acquisition for far west depot, near MIDC industrial estate, is in progress. It is expected to be acquired soon as a series of meeting with officials in Mumbai were held recently, he added.

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