Naidu says Smart cities to move people not cars, through efficient public transport

By Accommodation Times News Services

Smart Public TransportStating that mobility in urban areas of the country has come to be a harrowing experience, Minister of Urban Development Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for radical changes in urban planning to ensure reliable, efficient and affordable public transport in urban areas. Inaugurating the ‘Urban Mobility India Conference’ here today, Shri Naidu expressed concern over lack of equity in the use of public spaces like roads in urban areas of the country, with car owning class using them more at the expense of common man.

The Minister said :”Mobility in urban areas is the key determinant of quality of urban life. For many, life in urban areas is a nightmare. People move out of homes, mostly to make a living and this is turning out to be harrowing experience”. Naidu elaborated that the objective of developing smart cities is not to encourage use of private cars but to see that even car owners take to public transport. Atal Mission seeks to promote non-motorised transport like walking and cycling to work.

Stating that lack of first and last mile connectivity is affecting use of public transport, Naidu said that New Delhi Municipal Council has been asked to conduct a study for providing such connectivity to metro services in NDMC area.

Venkaiah Naidu noted that infrastructure deficit in urban areas of the country is due to lack of adequate advance planning for future as the country is more used to plan for meeting shortages of yesterday. ‘’Smart City Mission and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) have been launched by the Prime Minister to reverse this trend so that cities can begin to prepare for future” he asserted.

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