Navi Mumbai – The planned city

By Accommodation Times News Service

Navi Mumbai is a planned city of Maharashtra. As the name suggests, it is the newer side of Mumbai and is located off the western coast of Maharashtra. It lies on the west coast of Maharashtra and is situated on the trans-harbour line. The city is divided into two parts – North Navi Mumbai and South Navi Mumbai. It was developed mainly to decongest Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai covers 39,400 acres and has 86 villages under its limits.

A brief history of Navi Mumbai:

Around the late 1960s, a civil Engineer Adi Kanga and some of his friends realized that Mumbai will soon be overpopulated being the financial capital of the country. They realized that it will be a difficult task to match up the infrastructure to the influx of population and came up with the concept of building a new city and named it New Bombay or Navi Mumbai.

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