Navi-Mumbai villagers are dissatisfied with the CIDCO’s compensation

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navi mumbai airport imageNavi-Mumbai airport is again in issues, as six villages have showed their disagreement with the compensation package offered by state government.  The villagers from the six villages along with project affected persons (PAPs) from different villages showed their protest and disagreement for the relief and rehabilitation package through a united front at the Shetkari Parishad held at the Shri Cheroba ground in Kohli village.

The villagers have to say that they are not against the development of Air port, but they are not satisfied with the compensation amount offered to them, they want a fair pay for their land. The protest was attended by former Supreme Court justice P B Sawant and former Bombay high court judge B G Kolse-Patil, told the villagers, they should not compromise with their demands, it is their right to get fair compensation. They advised them not to accept the deal under any pressure from state government.

“Cidco and the state government will not let the airport come up elsewhere since the industrial corridor is planned here. They are just trying to pressurise you. If the state government is not in a position to fulfill the demands of villagers, it should scrap the project. Either way, villagers are not at loss because the rates of land here will touch Rs 100 crore in the days to come,” said Kolse-Patil.

The judges have to say that the state should only deal with Navi Mumbai Antarrashtriya Shetkari Sangharsha Samiti, which has been floated by farmers from these 6 villages after they parted ways with the Prakalpagrast Sangharash Samiti, led by local political leaders. They have suggested that there should be complete transparency while carrying out negotiations for the project and the details of every meeting should be made public.

Mahendra Patil, sarpanch of Pargaon, said, “Cidco is offering us Rs 1,000 per sq ft for construction of homes where as the rate in this area is Rs3,000 to Rs3,500 per sq ft. They will be taking 100% of our land and in return will be offering us only around 15% of land. We are not satisfied with the deal.”

The acquisition of land in these six villages is significant since the main runway and core area of operations of the new airport will be in this part. The total area of land to be acquired from these villages is 457 hectares.

The main demand includes 35% developed plot with FSI of 3 and cash compensation of Rs6.25 crore per hectare. The other option forwarded by the committee to the state government includes distribution of plots under 12.5% scheme with an FSI of 3 and cash compensation of Rs16 crore per hectare. The third option which the farmers have put forward is leasing out their land to Cidco or the state government.

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