NCR likely to be expanded after Delhi Elections

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National Capital Region will be extended upto Kosi Mathura and will take over many parts of Haryana including Gurgaon. The objectives of the Regional Plan-2001 notified in January 1989 were to achieve a balanced and harmonious development of the region, leading to dispersal of economic activities and deflecting future in-migrants to Delhi. In order to achieve these objectives the Regional Plan proposed three policy zones, namely, NCT-Delhi, DMA and the Rest of NCR. The broad policy parameters for these zones and the extent to which these have been met during the last two decades are as under: ? NCT-Delhi to have restricted growth and decentralization of activities concentrated therein. As per Census 2011 the population of NCT Delhi has grown to 167 lakh as against the projected population of 179 lakh for 2011 which recorded 93% of the proposed population of Regional Plan 2021. ? The DMA, (now CNCR) includes the controlled/development areas of the contiguous towns of Ghaziabad-Loni and Noida in Uttar Pradesh, Faridabad-Ballabhgarh complex, Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh and Kundli in Haryana. The population projection for the CNCR towns was 51.0 lakh but the CNCR population reached 56 lakh in 2011. ? The Rest of NCR envisaged for induced development specially of the twelve metro and regional centers were projected to have a population of 48.60 lakh by 2011 but the actual population of these centres is 44.11 lakh which is 91% of the population proposed in the Regional Plan 2021.

Subsequent to notification of Regional Plan 2021, the participating State Govts. are preparing the Sub Regional Plans of their respective sub-region with the financial assistance from NCR Planning Board :

Haryana Sub-region
Uttar Pradesh Sub-region
Rajasthan Sub-region
NCT of Delhi Sub-region

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