NDMC to map properties to widen the tax net

By Accommodation Times News Service

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has decided to map the properties under its jurisdiction to identify defaulters of property tax. Chairman of Property Tax Committee Mr. Rajesh Bhatia said this effect saying that the survey will be done of all properties as first step. Under Unit Property Identification Code (UPIC) all properties will be given a special unit code to be used for paying property tax. Adding further he said the corporation will use cameras to photograph the properties. This will provide the details of the property. If the owners have not filled the return as per the area, the difference amount will be collected form them.

A budget of Rs. 10crore has been set aside for this and tenders for the same will be invited from tomorrow. The formalities are expected to be completed till July with the data beginning to flow in From October. Bhatia said that on basis of this data demand will be sent to the properties.

According to NDMC estimates there are around four lakh tax paying property owners at present while the number of properties in the area under NDMC jurisdiction stands at approximately 12lakh.

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