Neelkanth Kingdom, Mumbai residents got eviction notice from BMC for want of OC

neelkanthkingdomBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi

Accommodation Times News Services

Neelkanth Kingdom, Ghatkopar west, Mumbai constructed by Neelkanth Group headed by Mukesh Patel got eviction notice from Mumbai Municipal Corporation since the project is not granted Occupancy Certificate by the Corporation. Since many occupants have been given possession by the builder for furniture and fit outs, residents say that project has been delayed for unreasonable time period and this is in practice that possession for fit outs are actual possession.

Development Control Regulation says that occupying without Occupation Certificate and Building Completion Certificate (BCC) is illegal and the corporation can charge Rs.500/- as penaly per day of offence from each occupant.

Besides this, Property tax, Electricity and water charges are also double since site is shown as under construction till the BCC is not given.

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