New Election procedure for Co-operative Housing Societies

electionsBy Accommodation Times News Services

By Sunil Deshmukh

District Deputy Registrar (Retd.)

For K.K. Ramani & Associates

The Government of Maharashtra has amended the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960 in 2013 and introduced new election procedure for cooperative housing societies.

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543 thoughts on “New Election procedure for Co-operative Housing Societies

  1. I wish to know in a commercial society wherein shares offices are held even by limited companies both public and private
    Who from this company has a right to stand for elections and vote

  2. Our Society Went under Election process conducted on 28th January 2018. New Committee is elected effective 28th January 2018. Our Handover Process is still ON.
    Does Authorised Signatory from Old Committee have rights to sign the Documents/Cheque Post election.

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