New Election procedure for Co-operative Housing Societies

electionsBy Accommodation Times News Services

By Sunil Deshmukh

District Deputy Registrar (Retd.)

For K.K. Ramani & Associates

The Government of Maharashtra has amended the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960 in 2013 and introduced new election procedure for cooperative housing societies.

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543 thoughts on “New Election procedure for Co-operative Housing Societies

  1. Sir our society MC terms is overing on 8th JUNE 2015 , but still not declare any election dates and want to remain as MC after 8th JUNE 2015 . is this valid, if not what legal steps can be taken,
    Even on Last year 8th JUNE 2014 MC releceted themsleves for 1 year with 18 memebers presance without informing all other absent memebers of 40 memebers society .
    pl. reply

      1. Dear Sir,
        Pl. explain what can be done if OLD MC tender their resignation from POST ( CP, V CP, Sec, Tre all ) in SGM before 1 day of expiry terms , and walkout , so if all other members selected 5 regular memebers as New MC , can be this validated this is happen on 7th JUNE 2015

  2. Two members of our Housing Society indulged in willful wrong activities with the Electric Board installed by MSEB when their Electric connection gone off due to over loading. They put off our DP too and put six members under dark in the wee hours of the day. We registered an NC with the local Police Authorites and they were called. But still they come out with wrong execuses and putting blame on the Managing Committee because of the Managing Committee their electric connections were gone off. What Action can we take since the NC is Registered and it leads court case (criminal) under IPC 507. Can we expel these members once the court case is registered.

  3. When Municipal Property Tax is being paid by Individual in a CHS, if suppose one member fail to pay the Tax and become defaulter, the concerned Municipal Authority would take action such as water cut, etc. on individual member or it affects the whole society.

  4. I am owner of a tenement in an Ekta Apartment Owners’ Association then Regisxtered by CIDCO Limited, constructed Eight buildings and allotted to 128 buyers. The Association wants to convedrt into a Housing Society. What is the procedure to be followied. Please furnish detail;s.

  5. Dear Admin,

    Our soc. in Mulund (Mumbai) has asked us to pay an extra charge of Rs. 2000 per time for use of lift for debris removal from my 8th floor flat.
    Does the MC have the rights to do so?
    Please advise.
    Thank you in advanc.

  6. We are society from khar mumbai. total no of members 11. do we need to follow this procedure. one of my friend said that there is recent notification by which the society having less than 30 memebers are exempt from this procedure. kindly clarify and
    pls provide if there is any such notification is there

  7. Our society is not registered is ongoing but someone from the said society filed complaint with the name of unformed society .Does this complaint valid ? or is it personal liability of complainant?

  8. As per registered by-laws of our society we have conducted elections on 14th June 2015, as the 5year term of the MC was coming to an end on 13June.Notice of our intent to hold elections on 14 June along with the requisite forms/information was submitted to the Dy. Registrar on 28 March, and a subsequent reminder given upon non-receipt of response in reasonable time. Seven members were declared elected unopposed by the Returning Officer appointed by the MC. The election was endorsed by the AGM held on that day. About a week before the elections notice was received from an authorized officer to contact him with particulars already submitted as above. We propose to inform him of the results of the election and endorsement thereof by AGM.Ours is a society not having any internal disputes in respect of management. We feel that co-operative societies are essentially self governing bodies and unnecessary interference by government in their management is uncalled for.The out going MC members propose to hand over charge to the new committee, as their term has expired and essentially they are not permitted to remain in office for more than 5 years as per the bye laws. Please advise.

  9. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for helpin us we formed a adhoc committee in kharghar navi mumbai in swaraj imperial chs, and now want to go for form a committe what is the procedure pl let me know,.

    RK Shreevastava

  10. If I am working with pune corporation as an engineer then can I contest in co operative housing society election?

  11. Once the election is completed in the housing society in presence of authorised representative of the registrar then in how many days the said representative should give report to the society so that the society can form new managing committee?

  12. newely commitee is formed in that out of 101 flat owners 10 member submited nomination and without voting all selected on 4th january 2015. but in that 3 member is from previous commitee and many misappropriation of fund in last 3 years. i am treasure they not allowed me to check old account and debit voucher and in group forcing me to resign .even not calling all members meeting. only 4-5 in group take decision and pass all cquation.

  13. Sir, in our society our name comes on second in sharecertifcate and we are having family dispute with the person whose name is first in share that person is secretary and is well off .he with the committee me members arharassing us and not sending any circilars, notices etc to us.they r boycotting… also they don’t stay there for past 30 years whereas we are staying from past 30 years. Also had complained thus regarding to registrar but even after receiving registrar letters society does not respond.its seems society does not have any respect towards registrar. Sir please suggest what can we do as we do not get. Correspondence of society as all listen to them and send to their diff address even we stay there…

    1. Apply to court for adverse possession and let court decree in favour of you after you prove that you were staying there uninterrupted for last 12 years and there was no attempt by first owner or anybody to vacate it.

  14. We are a coop. housing society of 66 members at Mululnd , Mumbai which was registered in June’2010 by builder/developer. However the society management is taken over on 2nd August’2014 only by a Prov Managing Committee. Please inform when are we required to hold elections for a new managing committee. We would prefer to abide by all the rules and regulations. Pl inform whether you can assist us in the procedure or recommend someone to assist us on professional assignment basis.

  15. we are a society of abv 100 members. most of the principal/ primary members are abv the age of 70 owing to which they cannot discharge their duties eg contesting elections . Is there any way or method by which associate members can contest elections n be a part of managing committee eg if passed a resolution in EGM/AGM ?for the sake of a healthy state of democracy .is there any other way by which an associate member contest election n be part of committee ? Pls guide me sir

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