New Era for Real Estate started with new year

RERADr. Sanjay Chaturvedi

Accommodation Times News Service

New year has brought new hopes and new trends in Real Estate. Traditional way of working and transaction process have gone. Curb on malpractices by RERA and new RERA Rules has lifted customer’s sentiments and confidence.

Thousands of flat purchaser who are lurching in dark to find way out where builders have delayed projects and sometimes with malafied intentions, defrauded the community of buyers. International property buyer community and investors who are having very high hopes on RERA are now returning back to their favorite investment destination and assets class. Government to regulate the development and transactions in real estate but not price. A new transparent real estate has emerged with great future. Real Estate buying is just not for self occupation but also for investment purposes.

People invest into real estate for regular income from rent and capital appreciation. Some buy for tax planning under Home loan exemptions. There is a huge demand and buyers waiting for correct and transparent environment. People in the country and abroad wants the Sector to deliver its promise, there is no shortage of funds, will and faith in real estate.

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