NHAI issues Letter of Awards for development of NH in MP

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The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued Letter of Award (LOA) for the development of the following national highway section in the state of Madhya Pradesh:

NH No. Section Length Total Capital Cost Contractor’s Name
NH-12 Hiran River to Sindoor River from km 66.00 to Km 130 section 64 km Rs. 866.39  Crore M/s Krishna Constructions-Gawar Construction Limited (JV)

The project would be implemented in EPC mode with a construction period of 24 months.  The project includes upgradation of the highway from 2 lanes to 4 lanes with rigid pavement (cement concrete road), along with construction of 4 major bridges, 20 minor bridges, 9 underpasses at the location of a minor junction and 29 minor junctions for the free and safe movement of road users.

Thirteen kilometre of the project road passes through wildlife sanctuary in which 39.750 ha. area of wildlife forest land is required for diversion. The road also passes through Reserve and Protected forest for 2 km length of which 11.081 ha. forest land is required for diversion.  In order to facilitate free and safe movement of wildlife, adequate mitigation measures have been included in the project viz. additional span of 5m on either side of the major bridges, provision of structures of size 5X3.5M at 25 locations.

On completion of the project, the journey on this highway stretch will become safer, saving time, fuel and vehicle maintenance cost.


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