NHAI will be setting two targets for every project

By Accommodation Times News Service

It seems for the first time NHAI will set two targets for any projects during 2013-14. The first target will be based on the assumption that all pending procedural impediments would be addressed and the second target will be set considering a scenario if the hurdles remain unresolved. The proposal was drafted in a meeting held by Planning Commission which is mooted by NHAI and the road ministry. The two bodies executing highways projects have 15 days to prepare the proposal and submit it before the plan panel. One of the highway ministry official said reports have said dealing with one of the most difficult years for awarding projects. The targeting of awarding was 7,700 km NHAI ended up only 1,116 km.

When asked about the fresh targets of the current year, NHAI said the target would depend on the condition precedent including approvals from different departments easing norms for availability of aggregates and facilitating the acquisition of lands. However the ministry has reportedly set an internal target of awarding 8,500 km during this fiscal year and construction over 6,500 km.

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