NMIA: CIDCO inks lease agreement with project affected families

By Accommodation Times Bureau


Among the ten villages of Navi Mumbai International Airport, along with the villagers of Ganeshpuri village, on October 20, CIDCO’s co-director of the Board, Prajakta Lavangare Verma held a meeting in order to solve all the problems related to project rehabilitation, the Deputy Collector has been appointed as Nodal Officer for each village by the CIDCO.

According to the meeting, “22.5 % of the airport projects are provided by the government and the best packages are provided under the rehabilitation scheme and the various demands made by the Committee of Project Committee are being fulfilled.”

So far, a lease agreement has been signed with 151 families of 214 project affected families in Ganeshpuri village out that 45 of the families have also taken possession of the land given to them due to rehabilitation.

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