No more vertical limits for high-rise buildings in Mumbai

image of buildings for Housing demand story By Accommodation Times News Service

Restrictions imposed on high rise activity by the Union environment ministry are set to be released. There will be no vertical limits for the city. Previous year the ministry issued guidelines linking the height of the building with the width of road and its distance to the nearest fire station. It has earlier suggested that high rises congest area put life of its occupants at risk during emergencies. If guideline has to be followed a structure higher than 60 m was permitted only if the width of the road in front of it was 30 m or more than that. While the guidelines were earlier mandatory the environment ministry decided to render them advisory following objection by the state.

The more norms the more guidelines would bring construction to a standstill, the CM had sought relaxation in provisions. He had said in Mumbai the land is scare, redevelopment of dilapidated buildings and slums could only be undertaken vertically.

An announcement made during Union Environment minister’s visit to city on April 2. The state will also flag the issue of moratorium on development activities.

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