No need to provide for CRZ permits in new DCR in Mumbai

MumbaiDPBy Accommodation Times News Services

CRZ was relaxed some years ago to make possible the redevelopment of old and dilapidated buildings in the coastal areas of Mumbai ( which was 500 meters limit from the High Tide Lines earlier). Based on the CRZ notification the state government was required to modify Development Control rules.

As per Jan 2011 amendment to CRZ notification, redevelopment of old and dilapidated buildings as well as slums  in the coastal areas of Mumbai (CRZ-II) were allowed as per local town and country planning regulations in force at the time of granting development permission.
Thus the DCRs were not frozen. Hence no necessity to make any amendment to DCRs.
Hundreds of redevelopment projects were stalled becuase of CRZ permissions. Now Builders are waiting for New Development Control Regulations to accommodate CRZ norms and permissions. Under the circumstances, there shall not be any new provisions in DCR to have special permissions for CRZ.
New CRM rules which have declare Mahim as Bay and hence the CRZ norms and restrictions are not imposed will be carried over even after new DCR come into effects.

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