No PMC compulsory in society redevelopment

By Accommodation Times News Services

It is common knowledge that society needs a Project Management Consultant (PMC) compulsorily according to circular of government of Maharashtra. But this circular was withdrawn and now there is no such compulsion.

The department of Co-operation had issued a circular which said that society going in for Redevelopment Process must statutorily appoint PMC from the recommended list of the department. Later it was withdrawn and now it seems, many fraudsters are claiming that they are on the panel of Government of Maharashtra and it is compulsory to have PMC if society wants to go for redevelopment.

In fact, society can them selves do the redevelopment and manage the redevelopment process. PMC also appoint architects, Lawyers and other professionals which society can also directly appoint and negotiate with builders.

Builders are reluctant to go for redevelopment of a society if PMC is appointed because PMC black mail builder and ask for under the table compensation to give the project to builder. In a long period, PMC often ask big compensation and do not clear bills and documentation in the name of tenders and other process.

Agents of PMC are active and take small meetings in society and force them to go for PMC. Hardly any society put an advertisement in newspaper to appoint the PMC.

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