No possibility for Affordable housing within Mumbai but possible in nearby vicinity

By Pallavii Pitale

Due to absolute scarcity of available lands for development and land prices going extremely high, Affordable housing within Mumbai city limits does not seem possible and can only be possible  in areas like Karjat, Panvel and other extended suburbs of the island city. The MMRDA is about to identify the nodal centres for housing schemes to be implemented through public-private participation.

In a recent meeting of C.M.with other ministers, the Secretary of Housing of the state of Maharashtra said that five lakh units shall be built  within next five years, though earlier, the objective was to create a million homes.

The state has signed a MoU with the MCHI for  constructing the five lakh housing units, that  will be done through a joint venture between a private developer and MHADA. The developer shall  provide the land and shall be allowed an FSI of 2.5.out of which, 1 FSI shall be for affordable housing, MHADA shall get 0 .75 FSI and developer shall get 0.75 FSI as a free cell component. A premium will have to be paid by the developer for off-site infrastructure.

The Housing Department would soon come up with recommendations on all issues related to affordable housing.

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