No Stamp Duty on Property Transfer to Legal Heirs in Maharashtra

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In its Budget Session, government of Maharashtra  announced that there will be no Stamp Duty applicable on transfer of land, building and estate to legal heirs and successors. Talking on the debate, Shri Eknath Khadse said that farmers wanted to give land to successor or sometimes for family partition, 5% of stamp duty is a burden hence government is determined to reduce such burden and when property is transferred within family or blood relations, there should not be any stamp duty.

This has brought a huge cheers in agriculture and farmer fraternity.

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124 thoughts on “No Stamp Duty on Property Transfer to Legal Heirs in Maharashtra

  1. when we ask to the department above Rs 500 stamp duty against
    blood relation circular has not come yet.So I ask you sir that “how” can I transfer my uncle’s property to my father name for 500 stamp duty circular & pls tell us when it will be in implementation.pls reply us

    1. It is in force since 25 April 2015. Go for adjudication, pay a fees of Rs.100/- and ask the registrar to give you in writting as to how much stamp duty is applicable, he will give you in writing.

  2. I want to transfer my flat (for which I am currently having loan from Bank and Possesion is expected in August first week,under consrtuction property) to my younger brother, he would also need to get loan for that property.

    1) Can we avail Blood relation transfer Stamp duty waiver?
    2) Will this be Sale Agreement, as my property is under construction and available by August 2015?
    3) Can my younger brother avail Home loan on this property?

    Your Help is Greatly appreciated.



  3. Sir,
    If I wish to transfer my land in Raighad district in my daughters favour, can it be done in any registration office in Maharashtra on paying Rs 500 Stamp duty or I have to go to the registration office where my land is situated?

  4. Sir,
    I have a land at Raighad district.I want to register the land in my sons name by paying Rs.500 stamp duty. Now I am residing in Satara District. Can I register the document in Satara and produce the copy of the same to Talathi of Raighad for transfering it in my sons name or will I have to go to the register office in whose juridiction the land falls?

  5. Sir,
    Please let me know if I have to pay stamp duty if a flat owned by my brother is going to be transferred to my name. Do I have to pay the registration fees also? We are real brothers and not cousin brothers.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  6. hello sir, i had downloaded the Gr from the above link but i am unable to find out where exactly the clause of transfering property in blood relations with rupees 500 stamp paper is mentioned

  7. Sir
    Went through GR .but exactly its not clear under any column.
    Many people r asking u for same but u have not replied.
    Plz mention or publish exact extract.
    Highly obliged.

  8. Hi,

    All comment i read it but its not given any exact clarification i have query son transfer the the property mother name its blood relation but as per inquired the case of nagpur residential plot sq is 2400 sq ft its total expenses 100000/- (one lakh rs). every one said acc to low stamp duty free so why should government take this revenii… i cant understand they said 4% stamp duty and 1% LBT ANTHER THINGS are there equally total one lakha rs but according to low its free then as well how much paid the amount to transfer the property in blood relation.
    pls provided the knowlagebal information so it can be help me out….its only charged 500/- stam paper and advocate fees tats it or other thing are there pls give the comment

  9. Dear Sir,

    Good evening, i have purchased a house in Thane my name appears first and mother name 2nd. I wish to make her 100% owner of the house legally. (so that my children cannot claim any right in future).
    How to do and what charges are applicable. (Is gift deed a option)?


  10. dear sir,
    i purchase 1bhk flat in lucky draw of cidco lottery at kharghar. till date the flat is not register with registrar office.
    now i want to gift that flat to my real brother.

    can you advice the procedure, expected charges for each step.
    if you have a services to carry all the regarding gift of flat ,please communicate on my email

  11. Dear Sir,

    My father passed leaving me flat in a co-operative hsg society. My mother is also dead even earlier.As I was the only nominee, the society transferred my name in share certificate. Now i want to update it in sub registrar office. Can you tell me the process and fee(transfer fee or registration or any other fee). Thank you!

    1. No need to upgrade to sub registrar office since society will file annual return along with B/S and Accounts. You will be upgraded automatically.

  12. My father passed away and I want to make heir ship how much stamp duty I have to pay. Flat price is 80 lakhs

    Please advice

  13. I have one flat in pune with joint ownership of my father.So,can i transfer this flat to my father name without paying any stamp duty.If yes so can you help me to suggest how i can do.

  14. I am from Islampur, Sangli. Last week i mate our tahasildar madam for my fathers agricultural land transfer on my name. I told her about this GR, but she is not responding and saying that we have to pay 1% stamp duty of the land cost and Rs.200 registration fee.To whom I should file complaint for this?

  15. Dear Sir,
    Is this law applicable to property mutation in case of owner’s demise? As I have inherited the flat from my father as I was the sole nominee, I wished for property mutation. But KDMC municipality told me to bring heir ship certificate, which costs around Rs. 1,00,000\- (Rs. 75,000 stamp duty + Rs. 10,000/15,000 advocate fee). Can I do property mutation without stamp duty i.e. without heir ship certificate?


    Hemant Vashta.

    1. The stamp duty is not applicable in inheritance and transfer to blood relations. Heirship certificate can be obtained with very minimal amount, say Rs.2000/- for advocate fees and there is only Rs.200/- is court fees (Pl Check with latest table).

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