No water to new constructions

While water resources are limited, Mumbai is still to find the way out for ever increasing water demand. The existing population is starving hard to get water. Age old water bodies are over burdened by the rise in construction and population. The impact assessment is need of the hour.

In 1860 Vihar Lake was purified and water was made available to Mumbaikars. Tulsi (1881) and Tansa (1892) were added to the water sources. Till today, we are still enjoying the British efforts to provide water to our great city. No new water source created.

Usgaon Dam and Suraj Water Prakalp was planned and implemented for Vasai Virar region for water. While BMC is urging to harvest rain water and many Corporators reportedly removed showers from their bathrooms, situation is alarming. Till today 50% of the Mumbai population is depending on tanker water. Major Part of South Mumbai is still washes their day with tanker water.

From last eight months no new water connection given to newly constructed building. In rare cases and people with influence must have got water connection. But over, all leading projects with reputed builders are still waiting for the legal water connection. Unless building get OC, legal water connection cannot be given. People are paying whooping rates on commercial water for buildings they occupied. It was reported that approximately 10 crore sq.ft. will be constructed in next 10 years in Mumbai, suburbs and extended suburbs. It will be difficult to predict from where the authorities going to give water to these new constructions. But as of now, new connections are almost stopped. It will somewhere in November the new connections may start.

Normally BMC approves building proposal plans with application to provide water. Water Department assess the proposal and give its clearance. But after years of completion, BMC is unable to provide water to these new constructions. Flat purchasers runs pillar to post to take water connection.

They mob the builders office, Ward office and to various fathers of the city with no result.

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