Nomination in Co-op Society

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Nomination means an act of nominating. To nominate means to appoint a person who will look after the property of the person after his death. E.g: LIC/GIC,BANK etc.


A member can file nomination in –

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23 thoughts on “Nomination in Co-op Society

  1. My father expired in april 2014.We are 3 nominees of his flat. My mother (50%), Me(25%) and my sister married (25%).There are no dispute among us. Can the society transfer the flat to all three of us? If yes what are the procedure? Pl. advice.

  2. my brother expired n hd made me a first nominee n 2 minor nominee bt 1 minor is major now so what can be done to transfer n later can sale once it is been transfer on firsy name

  3. My father n his brother are owners of 1 fathers brother is first owner , but both have 50 percent rights. NOW my fathers brother has 2 kids and I am one.They asked my father to sign nomination formto divide among three instead of teo and we submitted that nomination.Now my father has to cancel yhat nominayion bit his brother does not agree for it.What should be done in this case to get our 50 percent right?

    1. Nomination is individual prerogative. Simply write to society in registered AD and take acknowledgement of the society on the cancellation request. Nomination is not judicial or compulsory paper.

  4. In one flat there are 2 names of owners. Are both the names to be mentioned on Share Certificate of the Hsg Society? Does both members have to submit nomination forms & how their nominations are to be recored in nominaton register?

  5. Both of my parents have expired leaving behind me and my younger sister
    My father owned a flat and made me single nominee. Do I need to submit indemnity bond appendix18 to the society along with membership application.

  6. My mother is expired and she left a will with four benifituresin the will and in the society record there are seven members,but the will is latest and the nomination with society is old, so can the four family members whose name is in the will get the ownership of the flat

  7. If the will is not registered and no nomination was done before the death of my grandfather. Can all his heirs get nominated to the said society where the property is.

  8. Joint owners of flat can make nomination? What will be the position after death of one of the holder. Wiil nomination be effective after death of both owners.

  9. My father has self acquired property and made my mother 100% nominee. He also had availed order from court an injection restraining one of my brother from entering the premises and later made an unregistered will bequeathing the premises to my mother. Further on basis of my (youngest son) NOC & my eldest brother NOC, keeping in view the will and a letter from my mother to the society that the middle son was not contactable and on basis of application, transfered the premises to my mother. Now after 2 years after my father’s demise, the middle brother wrote to society objecting the transfer saying that the will was not probated. Please advice what the society should do and what my mother should do ?

  10. My father died on 4-5-2015 and have shares in cooperative bank. He kept his brother as nominee. His brother has died on 15-12-2015. Please advice to get that shares to legal hairs.

  11. In our society 3 separate flats were owned by a lady under one share certificate. After her death her 3 sons who were nominees and a probate will divided the 3 flats in her 3 sons name. Now the 3 sons have applied for 2 new share certificates and for other 2 flats as they want to sell the 2 flats. Can the society issue new share certificates with additional shares, if not what is the solution.

  12. Sir,
    My mother is 80 yrs old with 4 children and can not walk and sign nomination form due to her illness. In this case, what is the procedure as per By-Laws to submit nomination form in the name of 4 children to Society.

  13. My father has nominated me 100%, failing which my mother 100% (now expired), failing which my sister 100%. My sister owns a flat in same society. I will be asking the society to transfer the flat in my name. After society has transferred flat in my name by endorsing the share certificate. Can I make a fresh nomination in my son’s name. Will my father’s nomination remain or stand cancelled. Will my son get the flat on my death as I have made him nominee.

  14. Dear Sir,

    My father has nominated my mother in the society. He has purchased the flat. He is no more. Now the flat is in my mothers name. She has nominated me for the flat. Moreover my father has made a will(unregistered),duly signed by two witness and doctors certificate, where he has mentioned that all his movable & immovable properties will be to his son after his death. Can my married sisters claim any stake in this property after my mothers death? Will the will made by my father and the nomination submitted in my name to the society will hold good. What other precautions to be taken?


  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I own a flat in housing society and some of the reasons society has not issued share certificate and now they will issue after some procedures, in between can I fill nomination form and submit to society? would it be valid?


  16. Sir.
    I have flat on my single name in subarb of Mumbai. I am single. I have submitted nomination form to society. Also submitted covering letter on their demand.
    They returned my covering letter with note that they will provide me acknowledge copy only after my housing loan is paid.
    Is there such rules? PL advice Wt should I do.

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