Non- Agricultural Permissions

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It is the Permission granted for conversion of agricultural use for various non agricultural uses for the land assessed on used for agricultural purpose. In a simplified version it is just the “CHANGE IN USE” of the land. If the land is assessed or held for the purpose of agricultural it cannot be used for any other non agricultural purpose without permission.

For clear perception it is imperative to study relevant definitions of some of the vital terms like (1) “Agriculture” (2) “Agricultural land” and (3) Agricultural purposes.

Surpassingly the terms “Agriculture” is not defined in the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 But it is defined in section 2 (1) of the Maharashtra Agricultural Land (Ceiling on Holdings) Act, 1961.

Agriculture is not only ploughing, sowing and reaping of some crops or produce. Its agricultural uses includes, grazing for cattle, breeding of live stock, poultry farming, rabmanure, beekeeping, manure storage etc. Thus the land which is used or capable of being used for the purpose of agriculture can be termed as “Agricultural Land”.

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4 thoughts on “Non- Agricultural Permissions

  1. This n.a. laws in mumbai and mumbai suburban district are baseless. The state govt. knowing and unknowingly creating problems to housing societies in perticular. If society having property card as agricultural-land then in some cases Tahasildars have thretened society commettee members. If stamp-duty is recovered as n.a. basis then all Municipal corporation area is deemed non-agricultural. I am seriouly interested in public interst to file PIL.—a. d. Nerurkar mobile 98214 05979.

  2. Our Heramb Residency Apartment Condominium is regularly paying NA Tax and getting 7/12 Extract copy.During currenr year as per Government instruction we applied for Property Card. We received Sanad after paying regular fee to Govt. Is it necessary to pay NA Tax after getting above refered Sanad

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