Now waterproofing solutions for Indian terraces

Mumbai: Dr. Fixit, the waterproofing expert, promoted by Pidilite Industries Ltd., and one of the most trusted brands in the Indian Construction Industry launched Dr. Fixit Solyseal, a long lasting solution for terrace waterproofing for new roofs and refurbishment of old roofs. This product is approved by the Housing Development Board of Singapore and has been used by them for many years.
The product was launched during a special technical session organized by Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation (DFI-SPR), a knowledge initiative centre promoted by Pidilite Industries Ltd. The session was held at The Orchid hotel in Mumbai. The evening was addressed by Mr. William Good, Executive Vice President, National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), a premier professional body and the most respected trade association and leading authority from USA in the roofing for information, education, technology and advocacy.
Speaking on the launch, Mr. Sanjay Bahadur, CEO, Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Ltd. said, “The belief that brickbat coba does waterproofing is a myth. Brickbat coba is not elastic and it cracks due to thermal stresses etc. The slope allows water to drain but on cracking the bricks store water which results in perpetual dampness. One needs a membrane under the brickbat coba or screed that withstands the movement of cracks in roof slabs, is tough, elastomeric and remains flexible throughout its service life. Solyseal has passed some of the most rigorous tests applicable to waterproofing membranes and is one of the most user friendly water proofing solutions apt for buildings in India.”
Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation (DFI-SPR) has been working towards ensuring that correct construction practices are used in India. The focus for the session this time was on advances in roof waterproofing techniques to help improve the conditions of the buildings. Dr. A.K. Chatterjee, Director DFI-SPR said, “We strive to bring international experts in the field of Waterproofing and Building Repairs, to share their expertise with the leading lights of Indian construction industry.

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