On-line system for property records is initiated to prevent frauds

By Accommodation Times News Srvices

The system will update the property records in 21 days

As the frauds related to property transactions are increasing day-by-day in the state, the state government and registration department as a solution for this has planned to launch an on-line registration of properties. As informed by the authorities the system will update all the property records in the state within three weeks of registration of a sale deed.

The revenue department has instructed all districts to roll out by November-end an online system it has come up with in this regard. When asked to Settlement Commissioner to speak on the issue, he said, “many a times updating land records consumes months or a year, but the online system will reduce the time to three weeks.” Further he added, “Dalvi said cases had come to light in the recent past where a plot had been sold to multiple buyers owing to the time taken to update land records.”

Now as the new system is invented such frauds will be restricted, as an online notice for recording the transaction on the property extract will be generated at the time of the registration itself. For this, the government has e-linked servers of the land records and the registration department. Dalvi said: “An online intimation will be sent to the land record department concerned upon registration at the sub-registrar’s notice. The department concerned will immediately issue an online notice which will be served on the parties. Notices will also be dispatched immediately if other parties are affected by the deal.”

A 15-day period would then be granted for filing objections, before initiating the process of updating the land records. “We expect the entire process to take three weeks’ time,” he added.

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