Online Registration of all Society Compulsory

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7 thoughts on “Online Registration of all Society Compulsory

    1. u can register your scoeity yourself. but the corrupted agents and officers will say u cant. but u hv hv to do yourself if u can becos the charges range from 1000-1500 for this work. i hv done my society myself when govt. annouced in december they informed it will b activated after verifying. but so far not activated the registration agent says me myself done the registration thats y the problem. it shows without VITAMIN the thing going to be activated.

  1. We have done the online registration when the govt.issued instructions. I received a confmration Ref.No.0136405.
    Now with correct login name and passward also unable to login.
    why its so?????
    pls adv/ thanks

  2. Can I get society registration/formation certificate online with the help of society registration number?
    If yes then please advise the site name or procedure to get online society registration certificate.

    1. The govt. may hv done with good intentions, but the corrupted offices will not allow you to take print certificate online how adar prints or other certifies we culd print from online. eg. for registration the charges are 1000 to 1500, may b this is inclusive of activation charges by the registrar. then account uploading 350 per year system wont work unless the corrupted practice stopd.

  3. I agree with the views .
    The Auditors are charging Rs 1500 for simply regisration .And if register on your own ,the information will not reach .
    Corruption is built in the dept .

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