Over 1 Lakh Crore FDI inflow in Real Estate since year 2000

iBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Latest statistics from Government shows that Real Estate, Construction, Township projects have received Rs1,14,638 crore (US$24,293 million) as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) cumulative since year 2000 till 2017. Service Sector being the first and Computer and IT being the second in the list.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is permited as under the following forms of investments.

  • Through financial collaborations.
  • Through joint ventures and technical collaborations.
  • Through capital markets via Euro issues.
  • Through private placements or preferential allotments.

As international market has gone almost zero percentage of interest on funds and profit margins are sinking, India is the best destination as Housing Finance companies are managing to keep the interest rates up as high as 12% p.a. In the international market, housing finance interest are averaged at 2% p.a.

Since greater returns and emerging markets, India is most attractive destination to park funds.

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