Over 1,300 projects have been completed or under implementation: Ministry

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The Union Home and Urban Affairs Ministry on Thursday in a press release said that under Smart Cites Mission   1,333 projects worth Rs 50,626 crore have been completed or under process.

“1,333 projects worth Rs. 50,626 crores have been completed or under implementation / tendering. Overall projects worth Rs.2,03,979 crores have been identified for all 99 smart cities across the country,” Ministry said.

The Integrated City Command and Control Centers have already been installed in 9 out of these.

The Ministry has achieved great milestones when considering the financial, physical aspects and objectives of the projects. The total accumulated loan in the year 2017-18 was `46,663 crore. The utilization certificate for loans up to March 2016 is around Rs 10,365 crores.

Under the Amrath Scheme, an amount of Rs 77,640 crore has been implemented with an annual plan of Rs 65,075.

As on date, the government has allocated a total of Rs 24,475 crore to the States under the Prime Minister Awaaz Yojana (City) Scheme. Under this scheme, 45.86 lakh households have been allocated so far.

1907.5 crore has been released under National Rural Livelihood Mission The project has also been extended to static cities. 66 detailed project revisions worth Rs 421.47 crore have been sanctioned under City CWE.

A sum of Rs 6,592 crore has been sanctioned to states under sanitation mission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs said.


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