Over 500 Houses Constructed Under Life Mission Plan

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The houses were allotted to 507 persons belonging to the Scheduled Caste class within the Life Mission plan. The progress of the construction of the houses of the scheduled castes was evaluated by District Collector Amit Meena. The Collector ordered the construction of the entire houses by May 31st.

More houses were built in Vandoor. 33 of the 46 houses were completed in the wagon. The Collector also suggested that the houses could not be constructed at the block level and the work could be solved and eliminated the project.

Housing Development Project has been started for Rs. 4 lakh per annum for 14,657 beneficiaries of the district. The beneficiary in the landless list can then be transferred to the relative supply if the land is available. Municipalities, Village Panchayats, Boards, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Caste, Fisheries Department, Minority Felforation Department and District Level.

Lt Mission District Coordinator M. Hari, District Scheduled Caste Development Officer Lata Nair, officials also participated.

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