Owners of commercial property paying residential tax

By Accommodation Times Bureau

South Delhi commercial property owners have had it big time from the MCD as they have converted their residential property into commercial but paying tax of residential. The MCD organizations has made a list and decided to send notice to the owners. Officials say that we will not only recover the tax but also levy heavy penalty on them as well as interest of the actual rent. Those who do not follow the instructions will be facing 7 years imprisonment. According to south MDC, Land and Building Department had given all data of converted residential to commercial property to tax department. Now its work of tax department to tally the record of these properties and take action accordingly. The tax department has total 32,321 property data in which 17,489 is of central zone, 10,824 of south zone and 3,008 Nafzgad zone. Property Tax Department Chief B.N Singh said,’’ we have mix use data and one cannot calculate until and unless there is specification. But as now we have information we can properly calculate. Adding further he said that defaulter not only has to pay tax from the day the property is converted but also has to pay interest on the remaining amount. The relief will also be withdrawn from them if not compensating and legal question and answer under 152-A Act will be done.

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