Ownership to be specified of Maharashtra govt. plots lessee being ordered

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Occupants and lessee of state government land will now have to exhibit certificate proofing that their properties are granted by the government. One of the official said that, there should be a notice board displayed on the building premises to be visible to public which will help the government keep track of its lands, prevent disputes of ownership and encroachment. Also it will ensure that there are no sales secretly done.

Rules states that, a lessee must seek the government’s approval before selling any land as 50% of the price goes to the government which is generally called termed as ‘’unearned income’ if the sale is done without government permission the price will be 75%. Swadhin Kshatriya, additional chief secretary (revenue and forests) said under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code the government gives land on lease or on occupancy price. “In case of a lease, the lessee has to pay an annual lease rent; while in case of the latter an occupant pays a lump sum. In both cases, the land is let out for 30 years and is not freehold land,” he added.

The government has given land for educational, religious, community, residential purpose but several plots are cornered by influential individuals. This decision will prevent such misuse, particularly in case of housing. The revenue and forests departments have put up a proposal before the government to at least change in lease conditions once it expires.  News was floating sometimes back, that there are 650 plots expired, the government ha proposed to renew the lease for 30 years period on lease or occupancy price.

Kshatriya added, ‘’the annual lease rent will be a percentage of the ready reckoned rate. In case of the occupancy price, the occupant will pay 20% in case it is residential 30% for industrial and 40% for commercial.

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