Panchayats in Goa may use online mode for house tax

panjiBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Probably for the first time at Navelim panchayat in Salcete the online payment facility for house tax is commenced and this plan will also be introduced in other panchayats across the state.

Panchayat director, Sandhya Kamat told, “The plan would be introduced on a pilot basis initially in cash-rich panchayats and later the weaker ones. She said a proposal will be submitted to the government soon.”

Kamat admitted that some panchayats desperately need full-time secretaries as many are holding additional charges.

“Some are serving a suspension for various misdemeanours, while others have proceeded on leave. The block developments officers have been given additional charge of some these panchayats,’’ she said.

She added, “Panchayat minister, Mauvin Godinho is aware of this problem. The only solution is to increase the strength of the secretaries. A proposal has been submitted to the government to enhance staff, including junior engineers.”

“Enhancing the salary grants for elected panchayat and Zilla panchayat members is also under the consideration of the government,’’ Kamat added.

Kamat said the directorate has received some queries from the government over its proposal seeking enhancement in grants to panchayats for garbage collection.

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