Participate in Accommodation Times Yearbook

The Accommodation Times yearbook comes with the glory of 32 year and Archives, the book consists of colourful mesmerizing pictures, rich content, Property rates, an opinion of Architects, Lawyers, Builders, Associations on Indian Real Estate, etc. Accommodation Times have been working as a historian to Real Estate Industry since 1986 and as such seen four booms and three recessions.

To mark the 33rd Anniversary we are publishing a yearbook 2019 which will be publishing archives, articles of leaders, movers and shakers on “Real Estate for Generation Next”. The collector’s item shall have a year-long life to be on tables, lobbies and in the hands of decision makers.

The book shall be distributed among:

Architects and Engineers

Legal Professionals

Chartered Accountants

Builders Lobby

Channel Partners

High Profile Investors

Subscribers & Delegates

Private Equity Funds

Private Investors

Government Departments

Housing Finance Seekers

Interior Designers

MNCs and Corporate

Flat Purchasers

For more details  Roshni Chedda 8657412025 / 21

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