Patiala: Rampant illegal construction goes unchecked


By Accommodation Times Bureau

Patiala: Rampant illegal construction is one of the most unhealthy practices and poses a great danger not only to the welfare of the city but adversely affects the resources which are non-renewable and non-replenish able and thus the damages incurred are irreparable. Thus in such a scenario unaccounted and unchecked construction on the part of the officials , in this case the Patiala Municipal Corporation (PMC) further adds fuel to the fire as it pronounces the entire collapse of the rules and norms machinery.

In order to avoid the above scenario and to check the rising illegal constructions in the city, the PMC claimed to have razed around four buildings in the last five months besides sending notices to 40 other commercial and residential buildings that had floated the norms. In addition to this the PMC officials conducted a raid and sealed a building where illegal construction was being carried out.

The PMC officials had imposed a total fine of Rs 62,000 on eight such owners of the buildings that had violated norms. Besides this, it had acted on 28 cases of violation in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. The PMC had also seized around six marriage palaces that did not meet the norms.

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