Pay tax according to zones you fall in

bmcBy Accommodation Times News Service

The much hyped property tax is taking different turn and responses and in Bangalore though it’s taking a different turn. The BBMP council on 26th February approved the reorganization of six tax zones for tax collection. The process of re classification begins after the state government approves the BBMP’s proposal. It go like this that if you living in outskirts of the city which falls in c, d, e, f of the tax zones your property might come under B zone based on the real estate development in the locality with the new move. Needless to say public will have to pay more tax against the earlier tax amount based on the zone the property falls under. The BBMP has divided the entire city into six different zones depending on the guidance value of properties based on their location. Tax paid for properties of same dimensions in different zones are not in the same in terms of tax collection. With this move, the BBMP is expected to collect minimum 150 crore in the years ahead.

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