Peddar Road Flyover project in indeterminate state

By Accommodation Times (
The state government’s decision is still pending that whether or not to build a new flyover at Peddar road. As the local residents are protesting against the building flyover, the issue is being put through public hearings currently. According to the Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan “prior to finalizing project there are several other factors has to consider such as environmental and others.”
Recently, a political party has conducted a press conference citing that party will oppose the scrapping of Peddar road flyover and that MNS will take up an agitation if the work on this flyover is not launched soon, sources said.
Responding to this harsh statement state CM has said that “the final decision on construction of Peddar road flyover has not been taken yet and various factors including environmental issues will be considered before arriving at any decision”.

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