People demands for development of road, get approval of Rs 46 Cr

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Monday approved the approval of 46 crores 60 lakh for the development of road development on the demand of the local people during the tour of Dungarpur district.

During the visit of Raje to Dungarpur, some villages had demanded to construct Gaurav Path and Missing Link roads. On this, the Chief Minister instructed officers of the Public Works Department on the occasion to prepare proposals regarding these roads. On Monday, the department released the approval for these new works in rural road development, through which 10 rural Gaurav Path and 83 misal link roads would be constructed in the district.

According to the order issued by the state government, 8 rural pride paths have been approved in 2 and all the villages in the district assembly area of Dungarpur. They have a total length of 10 kilometres and a total of six crore rupees will be spent on them. Apart from this, matching link works of roads more than 153 km have been approved in the assembly areas of Assam, Chaurasi, Dungarpur, Sagwara etc., which cost about Rs 40 crores 60 lacs.


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