People takes advantage of 40% rebate, Govt receives over Rs 830 Cr in 2 months

By Accommodation Times Bureau

In an overwhelming response to a one-time rebate of 40 per cent as announced by Haryana Chief Minister on the total outstanding amount of enhancement to plot holders of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) for two months, a sum of Rs 832 crore has been deposited by 60,957 persons in different cities of the state.

The official said that though these notices were to be sent to residents during the tenure of the previous government, they were put on hold in for some reasons. Due to non-deposition of enhancement amount, the penalty on each plot holder kept on increasing and they had no other option than paying the fine. HSVP had never given any concession to plot holders in any sector, he added.

He said that the Chief Minister had directed the officers to find out the solution to this problem of the aggrieved residents.

After several meetings held in two months, it was decided to give a one-time rebate of 40 per cent rebate on the total outstanding amount of enhancement and no enhancement policy would be implemented on new plots to be allotted in future. It was also assured that loans would be arranged for those who wish to take a loan to pay this amount, it said.


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