Plot owner of Delhi to abide new green norms

By Accommodation Times News Service

The plot owners of Delhi will be soon having a list of mandatory provisions to abide by. The Management action groups have proposed a new amendment to the Master Plan 2021 wherein local bodies need to ensure building plans must have environment friendly features in place. DDA in addition is giving additional ground coverage and incentive FAR up to 5% depending on the number of provisions made in the building plan.
The current Master Plan has no such provision and the advisory group in a meeting had suggested necessary modifications. Recycling of treated waste water with separate lines for potable water and recycled water and introduction of dual piping system is one the main features proposed for layout plans. Ground water recharge through rain water harvesting, conserving water bodies and regulating groundwater abstraction are also on the list. Some of the others are treated sewage water effluent should be recycled for non-potable uses like gardening, washing of vehicles, cooling towers etc. Utilities such as underground water storage tank, roof top water harvesting system, and separate dry and wet dustbins are some more of the recommendations. The advisory group has also suggest hospitals, commercial hub workshops etc to make arrangements for primary effluent treatment within a plot. In order to encourage compliance of the features, 1% to 4% extra ground coverage on each plot is proposed to be given as an incentive by local bodies depending on the number of provisions made in the property layout plans. In exceptional cases, even 5% FAR may be permitted. The incentives are said to be based on the rating criteria prescribed by ‘Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment’ for Green buildings.

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