PMAY: 50,000 homes to be completed by Diwali

By Accommodation Times Bureau


The Central Government is always helping Maharashtra for various schemes and projects. This year, due to nature, rain has decreased in 201 tehsils, the government will help the state to deal with this crisis, Chief Minister believes.

An official said, “The ambitious plan to provide houses to the people will be completed under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Nearly 2, 50,000 homes have been completed and 4 lakh 50 thousand houses given to the state. More than 50,000 homes will be completed by Diwali.”

Apart from providing housing to the landless people, the government is implementing various programs in the matter of cleanliness and health.

Shirdi city is important for religious tourism. In addition, this city will emerge as the next ‘ Knowledge Hub ‘city, an official said.

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