PMC offered double TDR to land owners for public toilets

Pune: In order to provide utilities to public in the form of public toilets, the civic standing committee has offered two fold Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) reparation to landlords whoever recommend their land for construction.
While talking in the media conclave on Tuesday, standing committee chairman Ganesh Bidkar said that “the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is searching land to construct public toilets. As there is lot of complaints regarding the lack of public toilets in the city. But the big issue is that nobody is ready to recommend their piece of land for construction of public toilets close to residents and offices. Due to this to entice people to recommend their land for toilets we have offered dual TDR reparation.
The TDR is proposed only at the time of land acquisition, but PMC will try to change the norms and amend the law to facilitate construction of public toilets, Bidkar said. The PMC will require land approx 200 sq ft to 750 sq ft for public toilets. And after these efforts we are expecting people will get attracted towards the double TDR and come forward to offer land, he added.
City admin have faced the several agitations from female corporaters and political parties too as there are just 85 public toilets for women in the city. This report came to light at the time of General Body (BG) meeting of the PMC in February. So that this proposal has been placed in front of GB and we want to get approved this at the earliest, chairman said.

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