PMC to take action against rent defaulters

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Civic body owns 3500 properties across the city and Rs.17crore rent in arrears

Pune:Recently, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to taken some robust moves against the tenants those have been occupying its properties without paying rent. According to the decision of PMC tenants will be barred to stay by the end of the current fiscal year. Approx Rs.17crore is yet to be recovered from tenants as rent arrears, sources said.
“Notices has been sent out to all the defaulters that “till December 31 of the current year if tenants fail to pay the unpaid rent then they have to vacate the premises”, Shinde, deputy commissioner, civic land and estate department said.
According to the reports, the civic possesses 3500properties across the city and they have been distributed in the several categories such as community halls, libraries, schools and other amenities. Most of them have been leased out, but yet there is no system formed to cross check whether they are being used for the right purpose or not. The civic body has rented 229 commercial spaces, 859 dwellings (houses and flats) and 1,495 open plots.

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