Prerequisites before investing in real estate

Property buyers are investing in real estate for different reasons like some for investment and others for residential purposes. As demand for residential purpose is mounting now-a-days, but on the other hand real estate market witnessed of downturn from couple of years and high interest rate and increasing property prices are adding fuel to it. Property investment is one of the toughest decision comparatively other sectors. While investing in real estate there are several vital points has to be observed keenly, such as make sure before investing land has environment clearance certificate as it is not violating norms of environment. Investor also has to be confirmed that seller has a right over the selling property and land must registered under the name of seller.
>The most important step is that buyer is to confirm that property does not have any legal dues. It is available as a certificate called encumbrance certificate from the sub-registrar’s office where the deed has been registered, stating that the said land does not have any legal dues and complaints.
> Apart from all the points first investor has to check with his budget.
> As far as location concerned it also one of the important factor while investing in real estate one should have to observe the site that there are hospitals, Malls, markets and school colleges these facilities are available or not.
> There should be a good advisor who will provide you information of several properties which are to be sold.
> When it comes to housing finance, loan is available for both the purposes for construction and investment too.

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