Prez nods to bill for ease of reconstruction of dilapidated bldgs in Mumbai

By Accommodation Times News Service


In a move to provide relief to a reconstruction of the dilapidated building in Mumbai, the President of India Ram Nath Kovind has given his nod to three important bills, a source said.

The bill includes The Maharashtra Apartment Ownership (Amendment) Bill, the Gujarat Agricultural Lands Ceiling (Amendment) Bill 2015 and the Gujarat Agricultural Lands Ceiling (Amendment) Bill, 2017. Which also includes for reconstructing dilapidated buildings or a complex of buildings in Mumbai.

Under the new legislation of Maharashtra Apartment Ownership (Amendment) Bill for reconstruction of old and dilapidated buildings in buildings the consent of 51 % of the residents will be required, a source said.

The other two bills seek to amend the Agricultural Land Ceiling Act, enacted in 1960.

The motive of these legislations is to use land which is around the factories and cannot be used for farming. So that industries can expand their operations, an agency said.

The provision bill of 2017 allows to allot the land for industries but which requires to make available alternative quantum of land given to them by the government, an agency added.

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