Prominent High Streets In The Limelight Of Leading Retail Brands

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By Pankaj Renjhen, Managing Director – Retail Services, JLL India

connaught-placeIndia’s traditional bazaars have evolved into today’s high streets. At the same time, the perception of high streets being down-market is changing. They – particularly the prominent high streets – enjoy respectable positioning in the Indian retail scenario today.

JLL’s latest research paper ‘High Streets In Vogue – Always’, which examines the character of 24 of the most popular high streets in India, confirms that high streets have successfully stood the test of time in India. These are markets that have created a unique selling proposition distinctly their own through constant evolution and, in many cases, catering to specific niche segments.

As a result, these high streets have managed to attract favour of not only local brands that operate in India but also national and international brands that would otherwise not consider venturing beyond posh mall interiors. In every city that we looked at, there are 2-4 high streets that have constantly evolved and managed to retain their reputation as important retailing destinations.

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